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If You Never Did You Should, Skateboarding Is Fun, & Fun Is Good.


"Skateboard & S1 Helmet have held up so well and we use them everyday, Thanks a ton for making it easy to get my little girl on the proper size skateboard  with a graphic that she loves."

Melissa, Costa Mesa, CA

"The Pink Helmet Posse Girls have inspired not only me, but my kids to all go out and skate with each other. Skateboarding has changed our lives and we are so grateful to these young girls."

-Johnny, New York

"Pink Helmet Posse inspires young girls... These three youngster are taking the skateboarding scene by storm, a group of female skateboarders set out to prove that they can do everything boys can do."

Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC



"The feisty girls of the Pink Helmet Posse, and these little ladies have got the boys of the skate world trembling"

Chris Mauro, GrindTV



"Pink Helmet Posse boards are a skate park staple in our home. Although it was originally sought after by my daughter for its rad logo and hot pink deck, it remains her favorite because of its performance. When we ordered her this deck off their website, we learned that proper sizing was key for a solid ride. Their size chart was simple to follow and I believe that having her ride on a properly fitted board has made a huge difference in her skating skills. The PHP decks are fairly light weight and have a decent amount of concave and pop and have satisfied both intermediate and high performance riders in our family, including my sons who don't hesitate to drop in on one of these boards too. These decks have boosted my daughter's confidence and assurance that girls have a place in the skate industry too, and for that, I am forever grateful to Pink Helmet Posse."

- Kristi Collings - Valued Customer



"They're incredible. I've seen a handful of talented teenage girls in the park, but never girls this young. They're the real deal. I have daughters myself, and I was so pumped when I saw this footage I sent it to my wife, because our girls are just getting bit by the skate bug, and this will put them over the top."

Jamie Owens-Transworld Skateboarding Magazine



"The newest skateboarding sensations to hit the scene in Southern California are crazy talented, crazy daring, and also crazy adorable. You can spot them by their pink helmets, fluffy tutus, and funky knee socks.  And together, they're known as the Pink Helmet Posse."

Megan Griffo-The Huffington Post



"Meet the adorable and scarily talented girls taking the skateboarding world by storm."

Zoe Szathmary-Daily Mail UK